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The Harris Group is made up of a number of independent companies dedicated to commercial vehicle franchises.

DAF, MAN ,Iveco Renault and now LDV are the franchises held.  

The origins of the Harris Group began  almost 100 years ago in 1919 when Harris Haulage commenced trading.

In 1923 Harris Coaches was set up.

Both businesses were controlled by William Harris , family owned and operated by common shareholders.

Over the next 53 years haulage and coach operations successfully expanded and were the mainstay of the business.

A significant event in 1976 occurred when Harris were awarded the DAF franchise for Essex and North East London, this marked the genesis of a change of direction from being a haulage and coach operator, to becoming one of the largest  privately owned commercial vehicle Dealers in the U.K. with facilities throughout Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent and London. Our business now, is almost exclusively the sale, repair and maintenance and supplier of parts to the commercial vehicle operator.


The Harris Group, formed in 2000 , now has a turnover in excess of £100 million, employs more than 500 staff and is responsible for the repair and maintenance of 4,500 commercial vehicles.


LDV has been a  valuable part of our business in the past, we have been LDV Dealers for over 30 years  and we see  the reintroduction to the market of this  Brand  as being a great opportunity . We are delighted to have been successful in being awarded the franchise and look forward to the roll out of an exciting product range.

We feel that the imminent introduction of the LDV EV80 electric van, to be of particular importance now that zero emission vehicles are becoming a priority in improving air quality.